Last Edit: Oct. 15, 2021, 4:46 a.m.

An Ethernet/IP IO node virtual machine

Pre-Alpha release of a game I've been working on for ages: Fallen God Rising

Allen-Bradley PLC CNC controller

Allen-Bradley PLC AOI to output morse code

Put a number of my recipes online. You can see them all here. Some of the recipes come from online, some I've made myself. In general, they are approved by me to be good.

An RPN Calculator (and almost programming language all in itself) for the terminal written in python.

Bone Engine is a skelton-based engine in python for games and such.

I've rehashed my falling sand game, and it's pretty sweet.

Here is a quick and dirty webcam streamer in python using pygame.

Been a while, but here is my HTPC menu

My 3d printing saga continues: My reprap

I threw together a quick fallingsand clone.

My latest project: PyLadderLogic, a simple ladder logic implimentation in python

I came up with a great rib rub

I started work on a SCARA-style 3D printer

I made a little minecraft style cube world renderer in python via panda3d Python3dCubeWorld

I implemented a new wikicreole parser. Rolling my own now. I'm pretty happy with the result. I ran a benchmark against the old one and it runs about 4x as fast. It does, however, not have every feature of wikicreole.

My database server isn't playing nice right now. I think I've gotten it in line though.

I was playing around today and made a python script to graph functions in the terminal asciigraph

Here is my .vimrc. Nice and plain.

Re-Uploaded all the Wood files I had. I'm uploading Boo Sweeney and the Dilapidated Gentleman's Club as we speak... err... read Done! Check it out Here.

An add-in for powerpoint to Print Handouts by default.

I've released a minecraft file trading site minetrade. Check it out.

Haven't updated in a while due to my new addiction. I'm planning on having a big update dedicated to it though, so stay tuned.

Got my popular py2exe and django page back up.

My site's coming back up. Sorry for the downtime, I am moving to a linode (pretty stylin', I know.) and any time you move to a new system (from freebsd to debian) there are always some troubles, but I'm getting them under control.

I've had to re-implement the wiki-creole parser (well, I'm using creoleparser) because the one I was using got corrupted when I tried to pull it from my old server.