Last Edit: March 27, 2014, 11:21 p.m.

I've put together a quick webcam streaming program that uses pygame for capturing the image from the camera.

I'm getting octoprint (for some reason you *always* have to refresh their website once to get it to load... weird) working on my reprap and wanted to be able to see the printer while not in line of sight, so I tried setting up mjpg-streamer but I had trouble getting it to run smoothly and more trouble getting it to start at boot.

Note: my printer runs on a thinkpad R40 running lubuntu and not a raspberry pi as many do. I am using a Logitech V-u0011 I had sitting around for the webcam. I originally had freebsd on my laptop for my printer but it didn't seem to have a driver for the camera so I moved to lubuntu.

You can find it here

You'll need pygame and the python imaging library to use it. It sends out a png any time any path is requested (GET) by a web browser. Except for /live in which it sends a small html page that constantly updates the image.